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  • If trade mark is a word(s), provide description below as you would like to see it displayed
  • If trade mark is a logo, please attach it as a TIFF, PNG, JPEG, or JPG files ONLY
  • Use Trade Mark Classification Search to assist with selecting classes of goods and services for your trade mark and list below:
Describe in a few words the type(s) of goods or services that you are using or intend to use with the mark i.e. apparel; clothing, footwear, headgear; non-alcoholic beverages, wine, spirits; business advertising, business and retail etc.
Insert proposed classes of goods or services using Trade Mark Classification Search to assist with class selection
^ For every additional class, we will charge an additional fee of $150 + GST per class
Payment Details

Notes: Can be an individual, business or a company in Australia or overseas.

TM HEADSTART FEE $330 per class
**This is a TM Headstart Service Fee. ie: If you choose 1 class, the fee is $330, if 3 classes the TM Headstart fee is $990 etc.

working with these legends

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