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Welcome to Immerse, the legal go-to for agencies, brands, and creators looking to forge a path in the dynamic world of online media. Our legal ninjas simplify complex law, offering reliable and affordable support. Whether you’re an agency protecting clients or a brand looking to grow, we help you innovate, influence, and inspire. Join the Immerse community and discover your path to success.

Stay Focused Legends

If you want to win, you must stay focused. Never let distractions disrupt the success of your business. Focus on what you love; building and creating a thriving youtube channel, sports brand or business with successful products or services and leave the gnarly legal stuff to us.

Regardless of your legal needs, Immerse is by your side - every day of the week, every step of the way. Immerse yourself and let Immerse do their magic, supplying you with straight-up, no-nonsense templated or bespoke legal solutions.

Our core focus is your complete success.

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All the legal support and knowledge for your agency and clients - under one roof.

Brands & Growing Business

Professional legal support for your growing brands/business. Time to thrive.



Content Creators

You've done the hard work, built your online presence... we'll make it legally sound

What we do

We take the drama out of legal and we make it easy to understand.

We fully understand that the law isn’t glamorous. It can be dry, a little monotonous, and incomprehensible. We get that, we’re not arguing the point (although we could, it’s what we do). But this is our business. It’s our job to take care of your legal worries so you can spend your time perfecting those selfies, nailing those brand images, navigating the latest social media offering, or brainstorming your next big idea.

At Immerse, we specialise in everything influencer marketing with a legal spin, including the drafting or negotiation of influencer, ambassador and collaboration agreements; promotion endorsement, event sponsorship and brand partnership agreements; videographer and photographer agreements; intellectual property rights protection, trade marks, design rights and usage rights; advertising and marketing requirements and restrictions, and any advice you might need to grow your online presence across multiple platforms. We are affordable, reliable, and efficient and at the same time on your level. What more could you need? 

Making A 'Brand' of difference

Why Immerse?

We've dedicated our time to providing Agencies, Brands and Creators with full, always-online, and tailored legal support.

What sets us apart?

How do we do it

Simple! We call it the 3Ps - Prepare | Protect | Participate

Prepare – First, we prepare agencies, brands and creators by giving them all the information they need in one platform so they can make educated and informed decisions before engaging with one another! It’s about building and growing business, right? Whether it’s an agency wanting to increase their client base, a brand wanting to increase its product exposure or a creator wanting to increase its followers, we will cover off all your legal requirements, so you don’t have to worry about that stuff! Whatever you want to know, rest assured we’ll cover it off! But most importantly we are bringing trust and transparency to the forefront – No BS, just the real deal!

Protect – so once you’re prepared, and you know what you need, we help piece it together… legally! We get it though, when it comes to collaborating, often having a legal document in place is a deterrent right? Until of course it’s too late, and you find yourself in hot water! Well, what if the process were so simple, so transparent that instead, that document was your safety blanket, minding its own business, but ready to catch your fall – if ever it had to! Well, that sums up Immerse. We are that safety blanket, arming you with all the info you need so that if ever the time comes, we’ve got your back!

Participate – Okay so the boring stuff is out of the way! The docs you prepared have headed to the Bahamas, and now it’s your turn! Go party hard, fulfil your obligations, but always remember to do what was agreed, because if you don’t, that trip will be cut short, and the sh$t will get real, (we mean “legal”)! And quite frankly, who wants to return early from the Bahamas anyways!

Found the right solution for your business…

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What's on offer?

We have a number of options, because choice is good right?

Visit our selection of awesome templates? We are constantly adding more templates to the mix, so stay tuned as the space evolves and grows. If you cannot find what you are looking for, why not drop us a note and we will see how we can accomodate your suggestions. 

As we develop this space, we are interested to know whether you’d prefer to purchase a completed template with instructions for you to amend, or an automation tool that presents you with a number of questions to answer and then produces a final document you can keep on file.

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Our legal services are 100% designed to help you stay on top of the game, regardless of who you work with and what you create.

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